This project is based on several elements for reflection: For a long time, national orientations wish EPLE to develop scientific competencies by taking scientific and technical steps during summer colleges in order to provide the best supposed orientation in scientific fields. and methods. Today, national and regional projects are launched so that children from an early age learn to find out what is feasible, and especially how to do it on their own. Therefore, it is important that college students are actors in the digital environment, and not just consumers. Studying the “code” should, from this point of view, allow students to understand the computer tools that surround them daily.

Students are interested in computer science, digital and technical tools that surround them. Only a school can allow students to perceive them, develop their knowledge in the field of “computer code”, digital sciences and use computer tools in all these forms. As a result, this would allow them to approach a high school with a rich culture in computer science and the digital sciences.

The goals set. The goal is not to make students specialized in a graphic or textual programming language, but to introduce them to computer developments and to instill an additional culture in this area, while at the same time allowing them to strengthen the interdisciplinary skills included in the program. College of general basic level.

The main objectives of this project are: – Creation of a class of “computer science” at the 4th level, which allows you to acquire skills specific to computer science. – learn the knowledge and skills necessary for the professional practice of computer science (language skills, scientific logic …). – Discover computer science as an actor, programming, studying computer code. Students will learn what is feasible and how to do it on their own. – Knowledge of general core work skills through IT activities. – To familiarize students with economic alternatives (hardware and software) for products offered in the trade. – Strengthening autonomy and restoring students’ confidence in difficulties.

Description. The computer, especially the part that deals with the “coding” of the application, allows you to work with transversal competencies. Many beginner applications are based on logic, including the concept of a variable that makes sense in computing. This project aims to develop students’ curiosity in the field of computer science – an area in which the educational community agrees with the need for progress. This project, through experimenting with the use of circuit boards and opening the interface, also helps increase autonomy and confidence. The map is often used in general and technical education of high school for scientific and technical purposes.

Database design specialists entering the second grade will study the lessons associated with their use as experts, and their orientation in the scientific and technical fields will be better accepted. Modality of execution The class will be organized around mandatory initiation actions.

Acquisition of historical ideas about the evolution of computer systems, hardware and software. – Work in computer networks. – Understand that the behavior of a technical object is programmed by a person. – Introduction to programming logic and computer languages. Using the free Scratch software, which uses blocks of code in text form. – Learning programming algorithms. – Using an example, associate a program (graphic language) with the observed behavior. – Change part of the program to observe its effect. Graphic language used. – Detection of hardware environment. – Practical use: for example, using a simple tool (Scratch for college students) to perform graphical programming or text control of the LED, motor, information detection, etc.

The kit was designed in a sufficiently modular form so that several training courses could be built. This support can be used to complete the course at the training center, but also for those who want to train on their own. It is also a reference guide designed to familiarize yourself with the difficulties associated with using powerful software.