IT specialist characteristics focused on the process of work in IT training: Portable approaches to individualization of training? Conceptually, the continuing education system in the field of IT seeks to make learning more individualized and to integrate training to a large extent in the work process.

Non-formal education at work and in the process of work becomes the basis for obtaining formal rights. The next section discusses the extent to which the conceptual design features of the continuing education system in the field of IT offer individualization options and implementation experience in this area based on two qualitative research exams for the qualification practices of IT specialists and operational IT specialists.

On this basis, it is investigated to what extent elements of a continuing education system in the field of information technology can be transferred to training, and what opportunities arise from this to consider individual requirements and the corresponding support and support for the process of training students in company-based training.

IT specialists characteristics. Over the past decade, at least a markedly increased heterogeneity of young people and the related problems in the development of teaching and learning mechanisms for more than one person have become a central problem in educational policy.

A few years ago, the media was often focused on achieving goals based on a group composed as uniformly as possible, but more and more individualization is being discussed. And last but not least, structural changes in the knowledge society with changing forms of labor organization, corporate structures and the increasing importance of continuous individual and organizational training, combined with stronger competence and a focus on results in the education system, especially in the field of continuing education, and also in primary school, led to a shift back. on-the-job or on-the-job training; and improving informal learning processes.

Since continuing education can definitely be seen as an innovative role, it makes sense to test the proven approaches of continuing education for their portability to learning. In the IT sector, which with its modern, process-oriented and project-based forms of labor organization and corporate structures is considered the prototype for working in the knowledge society, the lifelong education system in the field of information technology has adopted a constructive approach that assumes that future training will take place in in the framework of training / learning seminars to a lesser extent than in individual models with a high proportion of training in the work process and, therefore, formal and informal about learning.

Website designer characteristics, goals and individually designed, pedagogically related processes in their own work environment and real projects are associated with common (partially internationally valid) standards for the identification and certification of acquired competencies.

After introduction to the continuing education system in the field of IT and the corresponding concept, the key elements of the continuing education system in the field of IT will be considered in terms of their potential for individualizing learning processes. To this end, the analysis of conceptual guidelines is compared with empirical conclusions about practical implementation, as well as assessments and assessments of affected (students) and participants (company executives and staff developers, camera operators, examiners, etc.).

In order to clarify the following two questions: 1. What are the potential opportunities? Design elements of an IT system of continuing education to individualize learning processes? 2. What ideas are available to individualize training in qualification practice? While the chapter on the research question gives an answer at a conceptual level by analyzing the relevant literature and documents on the continuing education system in the field of IT, two high-quality preliminary examination tests of qualification practice will be given at the specialist or professional level of the continuing education system in the field of IT.